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Partner Highlight: Life After “Boys Town”

February 05, 2018 | Partner Spotlight

We are joined by one of our community partners, Boys Town, for a highlight of their services and how our partnership helps to further the lives of young people in New Orleans.


Boys Town Louisiana gives desperate kids hope, helps parents succeed, and keeps families together. Our ultimate goal is to give kids and families the tools they need to help lead successful, healthy, and happy lives.

But what happens after they leave Boys Town Louisiana?


We collaborate with local organizations to make sure our kids and families continue on the path to success; one of these partnerships is with Liberty’s Kitchen. Specifically, BTL’s Family Home Program has referred 5 clients to date to the LK Job Training Program.

In the Family Home Program, Louisiana youth who cannot be with their families come together to stay in a single-family home, led by a Family-Teaching couple.  These parental role models take the kids to school, help them make dinner, hold them accountable to chores, and overall create a stable home environment they may have never had.

Upon entering the Family Home program, BTL staff assesses the needs of each child, including educational, vocational, and health. From there, we provide linkages to care to connect your youth to the path of individualized success; this is where Liberty’s Kitchen comes in.

If a youth expresses interest in learning the culinary industry and meets the appropriate criteria, we make an official referral the LK Youth Development Training Program. Since the boys in our Family Homes help with cooking dinner each night, our family teachers can teach them practical, home skills, and even encourage them to join LK if it seems like a good fit.

In our Family Home program, our Family Teachers are with our residential youth every step of the way. After life at BTL, it is a blessing to have a community partner like Liberty’s Kitchen continue to support our youth in their success, whether that be reaching educational goals, securing and retaining a job, or navigating social and health services.

Together, Boys Town Louisiana and Liberty’s Kitchen work together to give vulnerable youth in Louisiana opportunities they would not have otherwise.  Our organizations see children and families every day that have been hit hard by social and economic problems; but more importantly, we see them persevere and make great strides through our programs.

Between our two organizations, we can provide wrap-around services and tools needed for opportunity youth to achieve employability, economic independence, and overall, a bright and happy future.

Guest blog post by:

Julia Turkevich, Louisana Donor Relations Specialist, Boys Town Louisiana

Healthy Corner Store Collaborative

January 22, 2018 | Uncategorized

The New Orleans Healthy Corner Store Collaborative works alongside New Orleans corner store operators to maximize their business sustainability and increase the amount of fresh, healthy food they offer in-store. Hosted by Propeller, funded by the City of New Orleans, and operated by Liberty’s Kitchen and Top Box Foods, the Healthy Corner Store Collaborative is modeled after current, successful healthy corner store projects around the country, including the Urban Food Project in Birmingham, AL, the Food Trust in Philadelphia, PA, and DC Central Kitchen in Washington, DC.

More information about The New Orleans Healthy Corner Store Collaborative can be found HERE.

King Cakes sold at both locations!

January 11, 2018 | Catering

Squishy. Brittle. Inconsistently filled. Uninspired.

We’ve all had that kind of king cake. And, we’re not about that life. Choosing a king cake is an important game-time decision that can impact your workplace, home, and waistline, so we take it very seriously.

So we’ve partnered with Bittersweet Confections, who consistently has a firm, moist, balanced, and inspired king cake that tops the charts. Not only that, they are one of our most reliable hiring partners!

One of our alumni, Chondra, has worked at Bittersweet for two years. She is an avid sweet enthusiast, and said, “Of all the king cakes I’ve tried over the years, this is the one I can’t do without.”

You can get yours at our Poydras Street and Broad Street locations, whenever we’re open. When it comes to king cakes, don’t settle. You deserve better.

Tiffany Harvill Named New Vice Chair

December 04, 2017 | Media

Tiffany Harvill has been named the new Vice Chair of Liberty’s Kitchen’s Board of Directors. She will be succeeding long-time board member Denise Redmann, who will continue to serve as a member of the board.

Tiffany currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer for InspireNOLA Charter Schools. Tiffany brings to the Liberty’s Kitchen Board substantial leadership experience in financial management, process improvement, and talent development across several industries including social entrepreneurship, retail, commercial lending, management consulting and municipal government. Tiffany is most inspired by the opportunity to fully deploy her professional proficiency in support of enhancing educational outcomes.

Tiffany is a native of Detroit, Michigan, and is a Certified Public Accountant with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Michigan State University. She also holds a Masters of Business Administration degree from Columbia University.

“Tiffany’s unique experience and skills, along with her commitment to our City, make her ideally suited to help guide Liberty’s Kitchen to a bright future. As she assumes this new leadership role, I wish to express our deep gratitude to Denise Redmann, who has been instrumental in guiding the growth of Liberty’s Kitchen from our earliest days,” stated Matt Schwartz, Liberty’s Kitchen Board Chair.

Liberty’s Kitchen has grown significantly in the past year with the launch of a new retail location at 1615 Poydras Street and the renovation and expansion of its headquarters at 300 N. Broad Street, culminating in the Taylor Center for Young Leadership.