Youth Leadership Program

The Youth Leadership Program (YLP) at Liberty’s Kitchen provides the organization’s alumni with 8 months of continued support and opportunities for leadership development. Through programming in six key areas, ranging from Advanced Hospitality Exposure to Civic Engagement, our goal is to build upon the foundation of personal growth and career readiness set in the Youth Development Program to strengthen the next generation of informed young leaders. We are currently constructing a Center for Young Leadership at 300 N Broad St to provide a dedicated home for leadership programming.

Our Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is a select group of alumni at the helm of YLP events and development. Youth Mentoring Committee (YMC) members serve as a branch of community support for our alumni, advising, assisting, and advocating for them in their fields of expertise. Through the YLC, we aim to build a more youth-centric organization, create positive opportunities for alumni and participants, and change the narratives surrounding young people in New Orleans.

Areas of Engagement

  • Advanced Hospitality Exposure: Workshops on more specialized culinary skills and techniques, exposure to various aspects of the hospitality industry, interactions with and demonstrations from local chefs, and field trips.
  • Career Development: Professional skills refreshers, support throughout the employment search and job retention processes, training to earn job-related certifications, skill development workshops, and exposure to careers outside of the hospitality industry.
  • Civic Engagement: Developing alumni leadership potential and skills and engaging alumni in the planning, development, and implementation of leadership projects.
  • Social Engagement: Promoting the arts, cultural interactions, and creative development among alumni as well as offering social events (movie nights, documentary screenings, bowling nights, cultural and historically-themed field trips) to alumni.
  • Education: Helping alumni identify and plan the successful completion of educational goals as they relate to enrolling in a technical school, HiSet program, high school, and/or college, completing their course of study, and earning a certificate, diploma, or college degree.
  • Health and Well-Being: Individualized and group case management services, parenting support, and workshops and peer groups which promote alumni’s physical and mental health, healthy relationships, and peer support.


We kicked off programming in May 2016 and couldn’t be more thrilled to watch the YLP and its participants grow!