Externship Round-up!

Liberty’s Kitchen has three trainees participating in externships with local partnering restaurants: Dedrick, Nadja, and Shayne. We checked in with our externs to hear about their experiences so far.


Dedrick at District 02-2016

District Donuts

Dedrick, or “DD”,  has felt right at home with District Donuts. So far, DD has been helping out wherever he can at District, handling everything from washing dishes and bussing tables to interacting with customers. When asked about his favorite part of the externship so far, DD replied, “Everything. It’s really cool over there, I love it.” As District allows him to get more involved in the back of house, DD says he “can’t wait to learn the stuff they do, like making everything from scratch.


Nadja at Good Karma Cafe2. 02-2016

Good Karma Cafe

Nadja has really taken to her position at Good Karma Prasad Cafe in Swan River Yoga. So far, Nadja has been working both in the front and back of house at Good Karma. She often prepares smoothies and runs the cash register, putting her barista skills to good use! Nadja has enjoyed her externship because “the atmosphere is so relaxing” at Good Karma Cafe. The Cafe’s primarily vegan menu has also helped Nadja “become more diverse in [her] food choices.” Stop by Good Karma Cafe to have Nadja serve up her favorite dish, the Malaysian Curry.



NOLA Food Co-op

Shayne has been splitting his time in the New Orleans Healing Center between the New Orleans Food Co-op and Cafe Istanbul.  Over at Cafe Istanbul, Shayne has been helping with maintenance work, while at the New Orleans Food Co-op, he has been working in the deli section. Shayne has enjoyed his time at both locations, commenting “I like that I’m able to be myself.” He also noted his excitement at the possibility of being moved to the cash register to improve his skills with customer interaction.


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