Access to quality food should be a right,

not a privilege.

Without food–the right food–it’s impossible for anyone to achieve their vision of success.

We want every neighborhood in New Orleans to have convenient access to a range of affordable, nutritious, and delicious food. As it stands today, 1 in 4 New Orleanians is food insecure, and over a third of New Orleanians suffer from diet-related illnesses.

We’re working with communities to develop smart new solutions to this challenge. In partnership with Top Box Foods New Orleans, the City of New Orleans, and Propeller, the Healthy Corner Store Collaborative kicked off in 2017 with five pilot “Good 2 Go” stores, and we plan to add five more each year.


Corner stores are many families’ best option for convenient food shopping. However, small store operators often don’t sell fresh produce because they can’t get a good deal on purchasing and distribution. We remove barriers to entry by ordering in bulk and distributing them across our network of corner store partners. 95% of produce is bought in the first week!


Working families and seniors on a fixed income often choose unhealthy snacks due to time constraints, availability, and cost. In partnership with Tulane’s Taylor Center for Social Innovation and Guste Homes, our alumni developed a line of healthy and affordable snacks that are ready to eat. Pick up your Good 2 Go cut fruit packs and more at one of our partner stores!


New Orleans community leaders are deeply invested in making nutritious food accessible. Over 20 of these leaders have welcomed our partner Top Box Foods. Now, residents in areas with limited access all over the city are able to pre-order grocery boxes for delivery at neighborhood hubs throughout the city, saving 40% on their grocery bill. Find a pickup location near you!