A note from Dennis Bagneris

Dear Friends, Patrons and Supporters,


I’m writing to you for the second time this week to let you know that we’ve decided to suspend our programming, cafes and catering services in light of this pandemic.


As CEO it is my responsibility to make decisions that will benefit the trainees and staff. At the very heart of what we do, we are first and foremost a place of support for young adults. Many of our youth are parents, or live with vulnerable populations–those most susceptible to infection. Given the necessity of social distancing at this time, I see this pause in operations as a way for Liberty’s Kitchen to do its part to “flatten the curve.”


I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has stepped up to support us, and others in need, during this time. As you know, this shutdown will have a significant economic impact on us, as with nearly every other non-profit and restaurant. If you are able, please consider purchasing a Liberty’s Kitchen gift card for future use.


We’re in this together and are extremely grateful to you, our stakeholders and patrons, for your understanding. We hope that once everything is back to normal, you will continue to support our mission through visiting our cafes or volunteering your time.


We will keep you posted as things continue to develop. Until then, let’s all do our part to keep ourselves and one another safe.


Dennis Bagneris, CEO
Liberty’s Kitchen


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