Saba brings global flavors to Liberty’s Kitchen

Saba’s Chef de Cuisine Cara Peterson is no stranger to change. Chef Cara’s journey spanned the U.S., having trained and worked in kitchens from Virginia to Philadelphia–where she developed an interest in Middle Eastern cooking–before landing in New Orleans to hone those skills. And we’re so grateful she chose to share those skills with the trainees at this month’s Guest Chef Night!

The trainees prepared the meal tasted lamb shank, beets with rose harissa, grilled radicchio with a Persian lime vinaigrette and rice pilaf with apricots and hazelnuts among several other Middle Eastern dishes. And of course, Saba’s signature pita bread made an appearance to rave reviews.

“The menu I’m showcasing celebrates the robust and complex flavors used in classic dishes across Africa, Europe and the Middle East,” Chef Cara said. “It’s my hope that the students learn new vocabulary, in addition to ways in which they can incorporate these ingredients into the food that they love and make.”

As is often the custom with Middle Eastern cuisine, the dishes were served family style. As guests lingered over their delicious dinner, they had gorgeous flowers (donated by our friends at Fat River Flower Farm) to highlight their experience.

It was another fun evening, and we’re excited for April 18th when Chef Alfred Singleton of Cafe Sbisa is our guest chef! Tickets are on sale here.