Student Spotlight: Kierra

Kierra 2014 001

Kierra, 21

Mother of Nykira, 7

Hometown:  Hattiesburg, MS


Why did you decide to join Liberty’s Kitchen?

I was interested in the training program and working in a kitchen.  I like to cook, and I want to do something other than work in a chicken plant like my family and friends back home.

What do you like about Liberty’s Kitchen?

It’s the atmosphere and friendly people.  I love everyone here!

What is your favorite food at Liberty’s Kitchen?

Everything! Because it’s fresh.

What is your goal for employment after graduation from Liberty’s Kitchen?

I want to be a prep cook.

Has Liberty’s Kitchen helped you feel confident to reach your goals?

It’s given me the knowledge and techniques to get a good job.  Chef Paul takes the time to guide me step-by-step through everything – and he is silly!  Liberty’s Kitchen teaches you a very good work ethic, it really does.


Kierra is full of energy and life –

she currently delivers excellent customer service working at the register and coffee bar!

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