Student Spotlight: Philip

Philip is a trainee in our Youth Development Program. Having started in December, Philip has worked his way up to the front of house training. We sat down with Philip to hear about his experiences at Liberty’s Kitchen so far.

So, when did you start the Youth Development Program at Liberty’s Kitchen?

I started all the way back in December, so I’ve been here about two and a half months.

What part of the program have you been working on this week?

I’m in the front of house now, I’ve been doing the ‘tasting’ work. That means I give out free samples and coffee to customers. I prefer the front of house, I feel more active in the front. I’ve also been working as a barista, making coffee for customers.

What is your favorite dish to cook or to eat?

I love the burgers at Liberty’s Kitchen, my favorite one is the MVBurger.

What do you like about Liberty’s Kitchen the most?

I like the dedication in the workplace for young employees, it makes an easy environment to work in.

What do you want to do once you’ve graduated from Liberty’s Kitchen?

I want to pursue my passions of film and acting. If that doesn’t work, I can go back to art. I like to draw a lot and paint.



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