Why children should learn about healthy eating

Today it seems that more and more children have bad eating habits. These are partially, but more probably entirely, due to the fact that their parents’ eating habits are totally wrong.

In the past decades, about since 70’s up to 2000’s, the basic nutrition habits of most American people was based on a massive consume of meat of all kinds, sugars and added sugars and colorants and preservatives.

This kind of nutrition led to bad consequences: more cancers and eating problems and a general tendency to obesity. Therefore, it’s necessary to teach children how to eat the right way, being a good and healthy nutrition habit the basic step for a better life style and health.

Tips to teach children healthy eating habits

It’s never too late to start to teach your children how to eat in a healthy way. The most important point is that you have to eat healthy, too!

Children learn by imitating what they see around, so parents who eat healthy foods will naturally have children eat healthy foods.

When preparing a cake, try not to use to much sugar. Use less oil and reduce all the fat ingredients in your recipes. Avoid your children eating processed foods as these are full of artificial substances and preservatives.

Today we also have to avoid OGM products as they cause variations in the DNA of our body cells and this leads to cancer de development.

Healthy pancakes from Russia

There are many healthy recipes you can directly take from the internet. We have selected this one for you: it’s the oladushki recipe to prepare the Grandma Emma’s Pancakes at home. These pancakes are a Russian specialty with plain yogurt, 1 egg, 100 gr flour, some sugar, salt, baking powder and oil for pan frying.

Grandma Emma’s Pancakes

The preparation is probably the easiest ever existed in the world: just combine all the ingredients together and then heat some vegetable oil in a pan. Spoon the batter in the oil and let your pancakes fry.

In the Russian tradition, the Grandma Emma’s Pancakes are served with homemade strawberry preserve, but you can even serve them with other kinds of preserves to match your personal tastes.

Russian mommies prepare these delicious pancakes for the breakfast of their children, it’s a tasty and easy to prepare kind of snack that all children love to eat while playing games or walking in a park.

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